Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Leggings are a (pregnant) girl's best friend

You may have noticed a pattern in my outfits this week. Leggings and tunics. Comfort and comfort. I had picked up a bunch of different tunics with my mom this weekend at Burlington Coat Factory. I hadn't been there in ages and wasn't really interested in buying anything but I walked by this full rack of tunics that caught my eye. And I am glad that they did because each one is different in color and shape but each fits me really well. And the best part is I will be able to wear them post-pregnancy too.

A good friend of mine lost his great aunt a few weeks ago and he was very close to her. He spent her last days by her side and after she passed away, he spent many more days helping to clean out her house. He picked out a few pieces of hers that he thought I might like and brought them over to me. The two scarves that I have been wearing non-stop here, here, here and here are from his Aunty Leah. It makes me happy to know that they belonged to someone so important to someone so important to me.

blue scarf- gifted from a friend
brown faux leather jacket- F21 $29
white tunic- Burlington coat $12
brown belt- thrifted $1
black leggings- F21 $19
brown fringe boots- Target (notice the wet tips of my boots from the rainy weather we are having!)

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  1. I love that the scarves have a story. I think it's so much more fun to dress with pieces that have history than it is to dress with constantly new pieces.

    However, that new tunic looks awesome on you! And you're so right, you'll totally be able to rock it post-pregnancy too!


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