Monday, May 10, 2010

Glad that's over with

So yesterday didn't exactly turn out as expected. I know that I am still a mother-to-be but I was hoping for a little better of a day than I got. It started off very nicely, waking up early, enjoying the sunshine and windy morning. I then went off with my mom to do some shopping which was also nice. When I returned home, however, Damien had made dinner for us and soon realized that the kitchen sink was clogged. We figured it was the disposal and would deal with it after dinner. Then he noticed water pouring out of the dishwater, all over the kitchen floor. That's when we started to panic, realizing that the next logical place for the water to go was down into the nearly completed brand new renovated basement. So we called a plumber. On a Sunday. On a holiday. He came right over and after a few hours of work, realized that he would have to come back, and cut a hole in our brand new basement ceiling (side note: We hate drop ceilings and had a sheetrock one put in, with access points except he couldn't access what he needed to, thus the cutting of the hole in our brand new ceiling). That brought us to today, and 2 hours of work and one hole in our brand new ceiling later, we now have a fixed kitchen sink. We will also be starting to compost soon so no more garbage disposal problems. I am glad that's over with and I hope next year's Mother's Day is at least a little bit better!

I hope all you mom's out there and mom's to be had an enjoyable day.

yellow scarf- gifted from friend
blue white striped tunic- Burlington Coat $12
brown leggings- Target $5
brown fringe boots- Target


  1. Ahh what a bummer. We have garbage disposal problems too... Anyways, I really like that color blue on you and keep the posts coming!!

  2. Oh no :( That's so frustrating. My parents are having to have the plumbing redone in their house so I know what a huge pain it can be! Nonetheless you look adorable!


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