Sunday, May 9, 2010

Basement sneak peek

Since I have been so bad at keeping up with my blog lately, I figure I will post when the mood strikes me, and well, this weekend it has struck. So here is yet another post. I tried to do my pictures outside but it is just too windy so down to the basement I went. It is so close to being done so here are some shots from down there (well, one wall, really). We will be hanging our TV on this wall, which is kind of a shame, since it makes the perfect backdrop for a picture. Luckily, there are a bunch of other cool spots to photograph down there, which I will be sharing soon.

One of the good things about not being the first of my friends to have a baby is hand-me-downs! My friends Jaclyn and Stacy both gave me a bunch of clothing to go through, which I spent much of this morning doing. I can honestly say, I don't know how many maternity clothes I will have to spend money on. There are a few things that I know I want to pick up (can't wait to hit up H&M maternity!) but otherwise, I think I am set. Thanks guys.

yellow scarf- gifted from friend
blue cardigan- H&M $24
black leggings- F21 $18
brown shoes- Berk's $57

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  1. nice wall. hopefully they won't have to cut a big hole in it to get to some pipes or something. ha.


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