Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's (to be) Day

Our new vintage pram

hacked Ikea crib

free-downloadable art

Bob the rubber ducky

baby-boy scrap book

rocking horse

I got up early this morning. It is so sunny out and the wind is howling, which makes for some great sounds outside. My poor kitties want to get out so badly. I wish they could be indoor/outdoor kitties but I am too selfish and don't think that I would ever see them again.

I just keep getting more and more excited for Max to come. We spent last night with our friends who just had their baby girl a month ago. She is so precious and we just love her. I can't wait for her to meet Max. So I did some more browsing today and came across some really cool ideas for the nursery. First off, a photo of the amazing pram we are getting. It is vintage and belonged to an old friend of mine who got word that we were looking for one. I am completely in love with it and can't wait to go for strolls around town with it.

tinydecorblog has so many great ideas on it and is where I found most of these.

I found this awesome crib idea and may have to do-it-myself. Funny, since I wasn't even searching for Ikea products but came across this Ikea hacked crib. I'm still waiting for Damien to wake up so that I can show it. Looks easy enough to recreate!

Then I came across these free printable art pieces through feed your soul, a free art project. There are some adorable pieces that would look so good in a little boy's nursery.

Oh, and these adorable rubber duckies by boon which are great because not only are they super modern looking, but they are also PVC free, phthalate-free and BPA free.

In this Etsy shop, I came across this baby-boy scrap book to go. It is such a cool way to show off baby pics without always having to pull out your phone.

And finally, this amazing rocking horse by hipoart on Etsy. It sold sometime last year but gives me some ideas of what to look for when I am in the market for a rocking horse.

Stay tuned for more nursery ideas!

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  1. lovely.
    when is mother's day anyway? it's 22th december here :D


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