Friday, January 5, 2018

NYE 2017

A little out of order but here are some fun pictures from NYE LAST year.  We had a little mishap this year and never got to set up our photo booth (we may have run out of gas earlier in the day driving home from seeing The Last Jedi) so these will have to do.  A favorite night, last year and this year.

Catching up

Here's what our summer of 2017 looked like.  I'm sad that there are definitely some photos in between the last post and this post that are lost but that's what happens when you wait 12+ months to update.

Summer 2017 was all about travel, travel and more travel.  We initially wanted to do another BIG cross country trip but Damien had the opportunity to go to Washington DC to get trained as a PBS Reporting Lab teacher and it was too good to pass up so we planned an East Coast road trip around his training. It just so happens that my best friend's mom lives in South Carolina and since both she and her mom are two of my favorite people, we decided to make that our destination.  She and her husband made the journey from Austin, TX to spend a nice, long weekend with us.  We also had gotten a little obsessed with the Bronx Zoo from watching The Zoo last spring so we chose to do NYC and see another best friend and her husband in Queens.  Max went to Times Square for the first time and we spent an amazing afternoon getting our own private tour of the New York Public Library.

We had friends that were renting a house in the Outer Banks so we headed there after NYC and spent a few nights in NC.  The highlight was definitely driving out on the beach for the day, even though we all got pretty bad sunburns.  From there, we made drive to South Carolina.  We even made it into Savannah, Georgia for a few hours but the weather cut our trip a little short.

After 4 great days and a really sad goodbye, we started our trek back home.  Another stay with friends (which somehow only got documented with our phones) left me feeling so connected to some of my favorite people.  

A few weeks later, we packed up again and headed to Maine for our annual summer trip to see my dad.  It was his 70th birthday and one of my brothers was able to join us.  Mid Coast Maine is where it's at and we can't wait for our trip this summer.  


The Bronx Zoo

The Outer Banks- Corolla Beach

St.  Helena Island, SC, Savannah, GA, Hunting Beach, SC and Beaufort, SC

PBS Studio

New Harbor, Damariscotta, Camden and Boothbay, Maine