Thursday, October 15, 2009

Where it all began

I went back to work today after having not taught for 1 full week. Last Friday, I had a conference with Student Council, then the long weekend, then my here we are today and I have another Stuco conference tomorrow. All that being said, I have been lacking in the self-style shots. I didn't bother to take one today since it was school spirit day, part of Homecoming week, so I wore jeans, a football t-shirt, and a sweatshirt I bought at the school store. I am thinking I may recreate an outfit that I wore this weekend for tomorrow's shot, if I can fit it in between decorating for Homecoming and the football game. It's good to have goals for the day, right?

So I decided to dedicate this post to the picture that began it all. I mentioned when I first started my blog that I had been inspired by Jen over at and on Aug 2 2009, I did my first official self-style shot. Damien did the first couple of pictures, as we thought it would be something fun to do together. We soon learned that we both had different itineraries when it came to the photo session. I wanted to bang out as many shots as we could. He was more concerned with how each photo looked. I mean, I can't blame him. He is starting his photography career and all. So I quickly changed gears and started doing the photos myself. I spent the first month or two on the front porch, and then ventured into the backyard and beyond. I can honestly say that this has been such a positive experience for me as many of you have mentioned in your posts. I can not believe the love and support that I get from all of you out there and each and every one of your comments puts a smile on my face (except in my pictures; I haven't mastered the art of smiling when doing a self-portrait). So thanks to everyone for reading and your support especially the last couple of days with my gram and all. You are all amazing : )

dress- H&M $10 (clearance)
boots- Target $20 (clearance)
ring (hard to see)- made my moi!


  1. Lovely dress... the opposite works for me, I haven't mastered the art of not smiling in my photos.

  2. Welcome back! This outfit is adorable!! I haven't mastered the art of smiling in my self style shots either... if you find the secret, would you please pass it on to me? :)


  3. That dress is just darling!
    You have such cute style.

  4. glad to have you back. that dress is adorable:)

  5. I agree it is nice to see you back on here. How do you take your pictures? Self timer? I'm sure I have something like that on my camera, if only I could read the instructions in Japanese..! :D

  6. I love that dress. Yay for vegetarians!

  7. ♥ Love your blog! Love your style! I will be stalking in the future.. Check out my fashion blog – and I'm a selling a variety of vintage clothes and accessories. Check it out! XxxX ♥

  8. It´s a beautiful outfitt. I love that dress and the boots.

  9. amazing look.
    i love the boots.

  10. Hello my dear! I am so so sorry to hear about your grandma. I have been thinking about you all week!! Hopefully getting back into your routine will help. On a different note- I am so gald that you started your blog! Yay!!! Congrats on all the hard work thus far.

    P.s. I think me and kev are coming to your halloween party. Is it ok if we bring some friends with us? Ill let you know for sure soon...
    Have a great weekend!

    p.s.s those boots look way better on your than me...

  11. Adorable... I love your dress! And I feel so fortunate to have found this community as well... fashion bloggers unite :)

  12. Very pretty dress! I love it with the boots!

  13. i am LOVING that dress... i've been on the lookout for months for the perfect floral print for myself. you rock.


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