Sunday, August 2, 2009

weardrobe sessions-dresses

So I have finally decided that it is time to try and catalog all of my clothes, since honestly a lot of the time I forget what I even own. Inspired by my friend, Jen Lula-Richardson and her amazing blog, I have registered at and had my first photo shoot today. Damien shot 4 of the outfits and then I took over the rest. Here is my first session, in which I concentrated only on dresses. I will add more as I go...


  1. yay how exciting! I am glad you are doing this!! Great pictures!!! (thanks for the shout out!)

  2. Hey, are these Fringe Boots by Jeffrey Campbell? I was writing about them at my blog some days ago. When I saw them I simply fall in love with fringes... Did you purchased them from Free People? Are they comfy?

  3. I actually got them on clearance at Target and yes, they are super comfy.


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