Sunday, October 18, 2009

Homecoming weekend

So it was Homecoming this week and the dance was last night. There were games on Thursday and Friday and boy was it cold. Friday night is traditionally the night when the kids decorate for the dance. It is a really fun tradition- a theme is decided on at the Student Council meeting (this year it was biospheres) and then the seniors pick first (jungle), juniors next (ocean), sophomores (arctic) and finally, freshmen (desert). Each class is assigned one of the walls of the gym, where the dance is held, to decorate in their chosen category. They get all Friday afternoon (after school on) until generally 11pm to decorate. It is a really fun process to watch and they always end up doing an amazing job. Sadly, the decorations have to come down right after the dance so they are not even up for 24 hours. Within a half an hour, you would never know that the gym had been transformed.

M pictures for today's post include a variety of things. I headed out to the mall to find something to wear for the dance so I included my mall outfit:

faux leather jacket- Marshalls- $30
grey tee- F21 $12
black turtleneck- F21 $10
skinny jeans- Charlotte Russe $20
black booties- Target $10 (clearance)

You can see in one of the pics that Damien came home right as I was taking my picture so I turned to see him (if you look closely, you can see him coming in the door). So then I had to snap a shot of him, returning from his last motorcycle ride of the year! Oh and just to show how seriously we take Halloween, Damien has been growing his beard/mustache so he can shave the perfect ringmaster mustache for the party. Now that is dedication!

And then we have my homecoming dance outfit. It is a semi-formal dance so I always try and dress up a bit, but I was way to cold to be wearing a skirt or dress, even with tights. So this is what I came up with-

multi-flowered headband- F21 $6
faux leopard jacket- F21 $30
purple silk blouse- F21 $24
black stretch denim pants- F21 $24
brown tall boots - Marshalls- $60

And I had to include the pictures of the walls. The quality isn't great of the shots but you get the idea!


  1. cute dance decorations! you both look badass in the leather jackets. love that cute checked scarf. oh and purple/leopard combo is a fave of mine. looking fab sarah:)

  2. Wow!You make really funny things in´s much more funny than here!You looke very cute!

  3. ah! that leopard print cropped jacket is divine! you look great for the chilly weekend, and I love Damien's guest appearance :) Homecoming at your school sounds awesome... I love how the kids totally get into it!

    And, thanks for visiting my blog too :)

  4. woah LOVE the leopard jacket. totally craving faux fur right now...

  5. hey sarah, what's your email? orrr is it something really obvious that I can probably find on here. I wanted to email you the other night and had a struggle to find it haha.

  6. Homecoming? That gives me chaperon flashbacks. Damien's mustache looks sweet and I'm jealous.

  7. I really like your purple/leopard combo! Looks like a good weekend!

  8. Love the leopard jacket! Sounds like you had a great weekend! :)


  9. you look so chic, and the students did a great job on decorating, hope you had an amazing week doll!

    xo ash

  10. I love your flower headband and that leopard faux jacket. I can imagine you rocking it in the homecoming dance.


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