Monday, October 19, 2009


Excuse the title, please. I am not feeling very creative and I have the slowest computer in the world, seriously. I am watching the minutes tick by, realizing that my hope of taking a shower and being in bed by 9pm are slowly fading away. This is the first minute I have had all day to do this post and I have to make it quick (9:30 is my new goal for bedtime). I had a productive day, teaching, correcting, gyming, grocery shopping, cooking, eating, and now blogging. It seemed to get progressively better! Hope you all had a wonderful Monday (aren't all Mondays that are nearly over wonderful?)

I am not happy with my pictures for today but wasn't about to get redressed post gym to redo them. I am in desperate need of a visit to my hairdresser. I have an appointment Wednesday. I actually could use some advice...I have always been blonde and have been really light for some time now. I am toying with the idea of a change. Not sure how drastic, dirty blonde, brunette, but this would be such a huge change for me and I don't deal well with change. Anyone have an opinion? I would love to hear your thoughts, although I probably won't make any decisions for Wednesday. And remember, please be nice!!!

(this didn't turn out to be a quickie after all!)

scarf-F21 $10ish
black argyle sweater- Target $12 (clearance)
black tee-?
black stretch denim pants-F21 $24
black merrill boots-Marshalls $100


  1. i like the sleek feel of all the black in this look. also love that checked scarf with the argyle. cute! as far as your hair goes, you may not want to go too drastic, but i would make it a gradual darkening process if that's what you decide.

  2. I would love to see a slightly darker caramel color on you. Maybe even working in some highlights and/or lowlights to ease yourself into it. Good LUCK! Can't wait to see what you decide.

  3. Cute Cute! love the pop of color with the scarf!

  4. Oh I really like the plaid and argyle together!

  5. I am loving that argyle! As for your hair, what about trying some lowlights in a darker shade... maybe a dark blond or light auburn/brown? It could be a good intermediate step to see how you like a little darker color.

  6. I love your actual hair color, but if you want to change i would try with a darker blonde.
    I have o go to the hairdresser to...summer has been a catastrophe for my hair...

  7. I absolutely love your boots!!!! And the pop of pink looks great against the black :D

  8. you are so cute!!! i LOVE changing up my hair color and i wish i could pull of YOUR BLONDE. its gorgeous. maybe you could start with a darker blonde so its not tooo drastic all at once? yes no maybe?? :)

  9. Hello girl!

    Thanks so much for passing by!
    I love how blondie and cute you are! so fab!
    Do you work in education...I have a teacher´s degree too!
    This is so nice,

    Many kisses,


  10. Thanks so much for everyone's comments! It really helped come decision time. Lowlights it is!


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