Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I couldn't help myself...

I tried so hard not to wear this shirt again this week. Here's the problem. I wore it on Saturday, but only for a little while. I don't feel like that technically counts (although I did already post it!) I just am in love with it and thought it would look so good with my white skinny jeans. So I wore it today to school and a lot of my students commented that they really liked it. So it is a good thing that I re-wore it, otherwise the youth of the world wouldn't know that this wonderful shirt exists.

Today was a way better day. I think I was more rested and that always makes the day go much more smoothly. I mentioned in one of my posts towards the end of summer that I was teaching a brand new course this year, a film based one, and that I was nervous about teaching it. Let me just say, I am really happy I decided to do this course. I have great students and we just finished our first film (we watched about 15 minutes a day and they had guide questions to answer and then we discussed the film). It was the movie Selena, which is in English but all the work that they did was in Spanish. Let me just say I spent 2 periods of the day today crying since we watched the last few scenes. Man, I am a sucker for sad movies. There is something really wonderful though about exposing kids to an interesting story or film or music and then sharing that experience with them. This is why I teach...

blue zebra print top- H&M $20
white beaded necklace- I don't remember
white skinny jeans- Pac Sun $30
black sandals- Burlington Coat $10


  1. Your blog is awesome! Your style is so chic and I love your pretty hair!

  2. I love that zebra print top with the white jeans!

  3. I love love love Selena! BIdi BIdi Bom Bom...I am in Texas, and trust me, Selena is still in heavy rotation around some parts! Cute top!

    I love it when my students recognize my effort to be fly also!

  4. Great outfit. I don't blame you for wearing it again so soon. (I'm totally guilty of doing the same thing...if I wear something fab on the weekend, but I want to wear it to work a few days later, I totally do. Hehe).
    I'm envious you can pull off those white skinny jeans. They look terrific on you!

  5. you def need to keep that top in rotation since you look so great in that blue. nice story about your students. glad you like teaching the new class. i looooooove movies. i would love to teach/attend something like that.

  6. wow!it´s must be great to have a fashion teacher!!i like the top and with your skinny jeans look great!
    Gracias por tu comentario y tu cumplido!Escribir en ingles en mi blog me esta sirviendo de mucha practica!Podrías decirle a tus alumnos que lean mi blog para practicar español!!jaja( es broma...;))

  7. You look amazing!! I love that top (I would have worn it again too)! The whole outfit works beautifully.

    So glad to hear you had a better day! =)


  8. @E- Thanks!

    @God's Favorite Shoes-Selena is wonderful!

    @Jennifer Fabulous-Thank you. I was never sure if I could pull off skinny white jeans, so thanks for saying so!

    @D-You're welcome in my classroom anytime!

    @Marta- Necesito practicar mi espanol tambien porque no hay muchas personas con quien puedo hablar donde vivo. puedes escribir en ingles en mi blog y yo puedo escribir en espanol en tuyo.

    Fui a Sevilla hace 8 anos y me encanta tu ciudad, y tu pais. (No puedo escribir los acentos en mi computadora en casa).

    @Amy- Thanks so much!

  9. That totally doesn't count! I'm glad you pulled it out again :)


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