Thursday, September 24, 2009

Backyard memorial

I was thinking today that it's kind of funny that I have struggled with places to shoot my daily style pics since I have a memorial in my backyard. Literally. Our house is on the property of an old mansion that burnt down years ago. It was the coolest place growing up since it was abandoned and we would always talk of sneaking in and finding the supposed safe that was in the basement. My friends and I never actually made it inside but there are plenty of stories from people older than us that did. When Damien and I bought our home in February, I wasn't aware that there was a memorial that had been erected around the foundation of the old mansion. It is dedicated to children that have died. It's a little strange, I must admit, but a really pretty place to visit. It is located at the end of a path through our backyard. Today, I decided, was the perfect day to go back there and try some photos. I took a bunch in the woods leading back there and then a few around the memorial itself. I think that they came out well.

Today was a comfy outfit day. I love those days...

persimmon top- Charlotte Russe $16
light blue dress pants- Lux (thrifted) $16
gold shoes- Marshalls $20
straw fedora- F21 $12
gold bracelet- H&M $6
gold flower necklace- F21 $6

PS My best friend's mom is an amazing artist and has a blog of her own. If you get a chance, stop on by and take a look at her paintings. Let her know you visited too!


  1. I have some favorite spots, but it can be difficult in the city when you want to take a bunch. You're lucky you have a secluded spot. Love that hat!

  2. definitely pretty shots. i love the blue and coral together.

  3. I love those colors together! The fact that it's comfy makes it so much better too :)

  4. Great pictures and cute outfit! (BTW:I want that hat)


  5. That's weird that there's a memorial there. I made it inside before it burned down. I was in fifth grade, so I don't remember it all that well. Actually, do you remember when we had activity period in middle school? I was on the newspaper and the teacher took our group down and let us walk around inside. To this day it remains one of the least responsible things I can recall a teacher doing, but I'm glad I had the opportunity to go in before it was gone.

  6. What a great place to take pictures! And I am loooooooving that hat!


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