Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Weardrobe sessions- What a day!

What a day. I think that is all I have the energy to write. I am just getting a second to write before I head up to bed (pay no attention to what time I am writing this; it feels much later!) School was a blur and I was there late, prepping for tomorrow. Then I came home, did my self-style shots and then off to a student council meeting. We had 85 kids at the meeting, which is great since we are a school of less than 500. It can be a little chaotic though, since all 85 have something to say, usually at the same time. We chose the theme for Homecoming, which is always a battle. We have our dance in the gym and the kids pick a theme that they will decorate with. Each class (seniors through freshmen) are given a sub-category and are responsible for decorating one wall in the gym. This year they picked biospheres (arctic, ocean, desert and jungle.) Should make for some pretty interesting decorations. They do a great job decorating. It takes a long time (they have from Friday after school until around 11pm). I will post pictures of the walls to show off how cool they are (Oct 17 is homecoming). It is a really fun time for students and staff!

Today's outfit was a remix of my skinny black jeans and black and white shrug, but I got a great new top from F21. It was a really fun outfit!

black/white shrug- F21 $20
purple ruffle tie shirt- F21 $20
black skinny jeans- F21 $12
black/grey kitten heels- Target $20


  1. i agree! very fun outfit and such pretty scenery.

  2. I wish we could wear skinny jeans to work...there are major haters on our staff! ugh!! I wish I could put CROCS on the Banned Work clothes list!

    love that top!

  3. love that purple color on you!
    and yes I agree it is stressful getting in to the swing of things at school! I think I have already agreed to too much- nhs, junior class advisor, yearbook advisor, school play set designer. What have I gotten my self in too. haha. Well Good luck- I really like the biosphere idea!!

  4. I love your shirt!! You look so so cute in this outfit!!

    I am sorry to hear that school was crazy today...hopefully it will settle down soon for you. I can't wait to see the pictures of the wall... they sound so cool! =)


  5. work is letting me comment again! the jungle biosphere would be a great excuse to pick up some of those pygmy monkies we were looking at.

  6. I like this shirt WAY better when its not paired with a tutu ;) Oh, I wanted to tell you I went hiking with a friend from work at Purgatory Chasm yesterday, and it's actually pretty awesome. Rediscovering the charms of our home turf.

  7. what a cute cute top
    i love anything with ruffles
    and your hair is the bomb
    sooooo awesome
    i wish i could pull off something like that!!!


  8. @ Amy- I'll be sure to post them!

    @Billy Pru-No matter what, let's pick up some pygmy monkeys, ok?

    @Zabby- Yeah, I'll hold off on the tutu for a bit. I need to go back to Purgatory sometime soon.

    @Patty Ann- Thanks so much. I will check your blog out tonight!

  9. Oh man. I am in LOVE with that purple blouse. You're really lucky, a lot of people can't pull off a true purple like that -- it looks absolutely stunning with your hair, too.

    And the turquoise secreted away in your trés moderne glasses? gorgeous. I'm so jealous!!

  10. Thanks! I am new to the world of glasses and I figured since I needed to wear them, they should be great!

  11. that is a fabulous top, i may have to D.I.Y. something similar!! :)

  12. Sounds great to me! I'd love to see how it turns out!

  13. What a fabulous top! Love the black ruffle detail with the purple!


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