Monday, September 21, 2009

Weardrobe sessions-Because of Monday

Not that I am complaining, at all, but today certainly did not feel like the first day of fall. It was so so nice out, warm, sunny, just overall, a great day. Minus the fact that I was inside for most of it. It didn't have the fall crispness to it (except for this morning; it was downright cold). It is one of those days that you just want to get through, however, because it is a Monday. Damien and I have an idea for a children's book (well, we have a couple) called Because of Monday. It is how the rest of the week is ruined because in the back of everyone's mind, Monday is lurking. We don't have the specifics worked out but many times, especially on like a Saturday, one of us will look at the other and say, oh man, because of Monday... That's all we have to say. It is a rather pessimistic way of looking at things, I know, but I am imagining a positive twist, you know, a reason to love Mondays will shine through and all the readers will be better off having read it, embracing Monday's instead of dreading them...

tiger shirt- H&M $25
leggings- Target $6
gladiator shoes- Heritage 1981 $20
fedora- Heritage 1981 $12
thick gold bracelet- H&M $6


  1. missed your blog while i was at the beach! i love that tiger tunic:) so fun!!!

  2. That top is so gorgeous!!! I love the bold print! And yes...Mondays aren't the best... Maybe I'll have to read that book when it's done :D

  3. Thanks everyone!

    @D- I was wondering what happened to you! Ha, hope you had a great time at the beach.

    @Elaine- I'll let you know when we finish (ahem, start) it!

  4. You guys are still kicking around the idea of writing "Because of Monday"? It's a great idea. You should do it.

  5. Yeah, we are. We just need to do it already.

  6. That printed top is killer. I never saw it at H&M :( Did you get it recently?


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