Sunday, September 20, 2009

Weardrobe sessions- stART on the street

So here are the photos from our photo session today. Damien took all of these, using the point-and-shoot camera. He took a bunch more with his Nikon D700 but knowing that it will take him a bit to edit those down (he has been super busy doing shoots for other people, people who pay him, ha) I wanted to be able to post some right away. So here they are. We had a great time together today. It really was the perfect fall afternoon!

One thing that Worcester does not have a shortage of is really cool places to take photos. That is one thing I miss about living in the city (that and the good restaurants). Since it is an industrial city, there are a ton of old, cool mills and structures throughout. Damien took the GTI to these locations when it was brand new and did a few photo shoots of the car. Be sure to check them out on his flickr account. Sorry for the massive amounts of pics; I like them all for different reasons!

straw fedora- F21 $12
red sunglasses- Heritage 1981 $5
black faux leather jacket- F21 $30
pink plaid shirt- Walmart $6
black belted denim skirt- Wet Seal $12
black leggings- Target $6
black flip flops- JCrew $12


  1. i just adore your header
    vintage is my love!
    great scenery for the pictures (Y)

  2. hi sarah, discovered your site through bargainhunterextraordinaires, and i was just telling her how fantastic it is that you're putting the prices in your look construction. its a very great effort and i super like it. makes it very relatable--btw, that moto jacket is super!

    btw, sorry for plugging but i'd love to invite you to take part in my giveaway going on at my blog! its open to US residents:)


  3. That hat is so much fun! Love how these pictures turned out!

  4. i love that blouse! lovely blog!


  5. Cute outfit!!

    I love your moto jacket...I just got mine in the mail the other day, can't wait to wear it... I might take some inspiration from you- if that is ok, of course! =)


  6. Very cute! I love your hat~!!

  7. Cute outfit! I love all these photos. :)

  8. @Eden- Thanks! I will definitely be checking out your blog and contest!!!

    @Christen- Thanks, hope you are feeling better :)

    @Julie- Thank you. I'll be checking yours out soon.

    @Amy- I would be flattered!

    @E- Thanks!

    @Jennifer Fabulous- Thanks, we took so so many.

    @Zabby- Fun being out!

  9. These are great pictures! I think I want to go buy a fedora now. :)

  10. Thanks! Fedoras add a lot of option to things!


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