Sunday, September 20, 2009

StART on the Street- Go Worcester!

I always feel like I am cheering for Worcester. You know how some people just always root for the underdog? Well, Worcester is the epitome of the underdog. If you are not familiar with Worcester, it is located in central MA and supposedly is the 2nd or 3rd largest city in New England. I say supposedly because if you have ever been there, it hardly seems like it could make any kind of list of the sort. Now I am not knocking Worcester, or the Woo, as it has come to be known. I love Worcester. I went to college there and then moved back (by choice) with Damien for close to 5 years. And it was a great 5 years. But, again, if you have ever been to Worcester, then you know what kind of a place I am talking about. Michael Moore spoke at Clark University when I was a junior there. He compared it to Flint, Michigan (Flint is where the documentary Roger and Me took place). It is an old industrial city that never got it's rebirth. There are some great things about it, however, but on a day-to-day basis, it lacks what a great city has. There is no foot traffic through the city. There is no night life, except for the bars that are spread out all over the place. There is no real draw to young professionals. I do know that there has been concerted effort to change Worcester for the better. I hope it works. Go Worcester!

One thing that Worcester does right is its annual StART on the Street festival. It is for local artists and it runs one Sunday in September each year. I have been to a few of them and today, Damien and I spent a good portion of the afternoon there. It was wonderful. The weather was perfect, the artists were all great (very inspiring) and we ate a great vegan lunch from Buddha Hut. We ran into my friend who had a booth, Button Kitty, and bought a great piece off of her. Check out her Etsy shop. She is so talented and always has been. All in all, it was the perfect day which we followed with a photo shoot for my daily style post (Those will be up in a few...) Damien took a bunch of portraits of me today and I will be including those once he edits them. Right now, here are some shots from the festival. If anyone lives in the area, I highly suggest checking this out next year. We are planning on finally getting a booth (we have been saying this for years). Jenloveskev, you should do the same!


  1. ooh I wish I had a table there this year. I had a table last year and well 2 others times, but I missed the deadline this year. I just love start on the street!!

  2. I used to really dig Start on StART on the Street. It seems like Worcester is starting on it's track to a better period. For instance, Buddha Hut. There was only Quan Yin when we lived there; not a very vegan-friendly town. I can't wait to try Buddha Hut when we come home next.

    I miss the Woo!

  3. what fun. you guys are cute!

  4. Sorry I missed you guys! Ericka and I were only down there for an hour or so..

    Hope all is well!


  5. @D- ha, thanks!

    @Obium- We looked for you. Too bad we missed one another, thanks, hope you are well too!


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