Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Weardrobe sessions-the last days of summer

Ok, so today I am freaking out. Just a little. If any of my students are reading this, then please disregard anything that you are about to read. In fact, just stop reading. Now.

So I am teaching a brand new course this year, and by this year I mean NEXT WEEK and to be honest, I am not ready for it. It is a Spanish 5 course and I am running it as a film course. I am excited, but nervous on the other hand. I am always nervous when school starts (the dreams have started...) but especially when I know that I have to run a course that I have never taught before. Or one that no one has ever taught before. I spent the day with my good friend Carol, who happens to be an amazing Spanish teacher, and we went over the basics of the course, picked out movies, talked about my end objections for the students and hashed out the logistics. And I feel better. I do. There is just so much change this year in our school. We have a brand new administration, a brand new schedule (we are going to trimesters instead of semesters), a new start time (hello 7:20am) I have a new classroom, a new course and to be honest, I am a creature of habit. Or as my friend Jenn and I say, a crabbit. All I can do is go in with a positive attitude, do my best and have fun. That's what is all about in the end. The students do their best when they enjoy being there and I can handle that. I just need to stop freaking out...

Today I went with a fun sundress that I paired with black leggings. I wasn't going to wear leggings at first but remembered that Carol's house has a working central air unit, unlike our own (ha ha ha hot in here!) I tried a hat but ended up going without. Sometimes I feel that the hat with my glasses makes me look too much like a detective. Not the look I was going for today!

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