Tuesday, August 25, 2009

To my kitties...I am so, so sorry

Best friends

So in love

Peek-a-boo Billie

Shy Billie

I am ashamed. Deeply and utterly ashamed. I have been blogging now for consistently over a month and I have yet to as much as mention my kitties (my profile doesn't count). No wonder they have seemed aloof towards me. I would be too if I were in their shoes (or mittens in Prudence's case). So this post is solely dedicated to my two favorite furry friends, the 2 other loves of my life (except when they are whining for food; then they are just pains): Billie Jean and Prudence.

I first met Billie Jean when she was just 8 weeks old. I had wanted a kitty for some time and so Damien and I went to a house that had a free kittens sign. Ironically, we now live a few streets away from her birthplace. When we arrived there was a cluster of fur balls all huddled around one another. Some were playing, some were sleeping. Only one was crying, incessantly. It was love at first sight. Plus, I knew that most likely no one else would take a kitten that cried more than a colicky newborn baby. So that is how Billie Jean joined our family.

Prudence came to us in a much different fashion. Billie Jean had been with us a little under a year and we had all adjusted to one another. That's when Damien's younger brother Myles presented us with the tiniest ball of fur I had ever laid eyes on. Prudence, as she became known, was a little over a week old. Her mother had died or abandoned her and now it was up to us to keep her alive. I fell into the roll of a newborn's mother quickly, with feedings from a syringe ever couple of hours and teaching her to go to the bathroom (I'll spare you the details of that one). Anyways, she remained healthy the entire time and save thinking that our 10 year old male dog was her mother for a period of time, turned out quite normal. And cute I might add. It didn't take long for Billie to accept her into the family and as you can see from the photos, they have turned out to be the best of friends. And I love them both very much, even when they are whining for food.


  1. Thanks, they are such great companions :)

  2. Ooh I miss them! Those are some really great kitty pictures. Which camera/lens did you use?

  3. so cute! great pics too, I take so many cat photos!

  4. @ Erin- They miss you too! I used the NIkon D50 with the 50mm lens (I think). Thanks!

    @ Orchid Grey- Thanks! They make such great models...

  5. OK, I had to switch to Safari because I couldn't comment! I tried so many times and it just didn't work! Hey, can I borrow the kitties to come hunt mice in my office?


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