Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I am not a tv person.  In fact, until recently, we didn't have our television plugged in.  But I am a Mad Men person.  Damien and I both are.  We have always kept up with the series, usually via Netflix.  We are now watching it in (almost) realtime (on demand).  It has become our Tuesday night ritual...right after Max goes down we get cozy in our new den and indulge ourselves with an hour of a time that reminds us both of our grandparents and the houses they once inhabited, the clothing they used to wear.  Each Wednesday morning, I feel a little bit inspired to try and recreate one of my favorite looks from the night before.  This is what I came up with today...Interestingly on Monday nights we watch our other favorite show Game of Thrones but I have yet to try to replicate any of Khaleesis' outfits.

blouse- F21
cardigan- Target
pants- F21
shoes- Payless
bracelets- gifts from my mil


  1. pretty, and really great location to shoot photos!!

  2. haha! Khaleesi inspired outfits, or game of thrones in general, would be difficult to say the least:) Love that show!


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