Monday, April 23, 2012

Max lately

walking with mommy after getting ice cream

It feels like forever since I have written a post about Max.  There has been a lot going on...

For starters (and to get the bad out of the way) we were in and out of the doctors last week and this week battling what seemed like a bad cold/allergies.  When he started wheezing last Thursday, I got concerned. He was diagnosed with cold/allergy induced asthma.  As soon as I heard the word asthma, the room kind of started spinning.  I think that the doctor explained it to me pretty well soon there after but I didn't hear a word that he had to say.  All I could imagine was my poor little baby boy struggling to breathe (he had had a major meltdown, so we thought, that morning that turned out to be a slight asthma attack).  I know very little about asthma and once the room stopped spinning, I started with a barrage of questions (most of which the doctor had already explained in the minutes before).  Would he have to have an inhaler?  Will he have this his whole life?  What can we do to help him?  As I have since learned, this is something that he will most likely grow out of.  I have spoken to many people about it and I am learning that it is actually quite common in young children and it just means that when he does get a cold or is suffering from allergies (aren't we all right now?) he will have a slightly harder time breathing and may require a nebulizer to help him breathe.  So it's safe to say that both Max and I are breathing much easier right now.

While we are on the not so goods going on right now, we have entered the stage of temper tantrums (although we are hoping it is more the side effects of albuterol and prednisone) but  I have never seen him like this before.  In fact, his report card (note) home from school (daycare) today actually said "Who is this little boy?"  No is his favorite word and if he doesn't get his way, watch out.  He's also become a very fussy eater and I can only get him to eat eggs, yogurt, cereal bars, blackberries, blueberries and sometimes strawberries, the packets of chia seeds, fruit and veggies, and if we are lucky, a PB&J.  Again, this is pretty new these past few weeks so it may also have to do with him not feeling well.

Now on to the goods...He is so sweet (when not having a temper tantrum).  He says thank you to almost everything (we actually joke that he may be the first child ever to be put in time out for saying thank you too much!)  He also loves to kiss boo boos and says sorry to almost anything if he thinks that he has hurt it.  He loves to give hugs (no arms, just his head) and says awwwww while doing so.  He has a really good vocabulary and loves animals and making animal sounds (and plane sounds while moving his hand through the air).  He says hi and bye to nearly everyone, everywhere.  He loves playing with his friends, being outside and watching "amimo" (a Sesame Street clip "amigo") and we are slowly introducing a few shows for a few minutes a day (mostly Yo Gabba Gabba because it is the best show we have seen so far!)

He plays really well with other kids and is still a very happy little boy.  I have never shared this before but we do think that Max will be our only child.  It is something that we have both discussed, a lot, and right now, we both feel the same way.   I know very well that this might change in the future, but I also know that it may not.  I never in a million years would have thought that I would only have one child.  I always thought that I wanted two or three.  Quite honestly, sometimes I get a little sad thinking that we may not give Max a brother or sister, especially since I am very close to both of my brothers.  But we are so content with our little family and there are many reasons behind our thoughts (it is not a decision since we are allowing ourselves to change our minds if we feel differently in the future).  I just know that Max is healthy and happy and for us, we couldn't ask for anything more.  I love being a mom.  More specifically, I love being Max's mom and if that is my only role as a mom, I don't think that I could ever complain.

climbing on everything!

hanging with mommy before bed

making a mess with his books

sitting in the big people chair

holding hands with his best friend Zooey

running after Easter eggs in grammy's backyard

at the marathon

sleeping with his books

playing in his room (he's a never-nude)


getting his medicine with daddy

hugging a goat at the zoo


  1. Thanks for the update Sarah! I love hearing about Max and you guys from AZ :) Keep the pictures coming!

  2. This is beautiful Sarah.. the pictures, the sentiments, everything! I love your little family too! What i cute little hugger, colorer and sleeper! :) XOXO


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