Monday, April 16, 2012

Boston marathon

When you live in the northeast, there is nothing more americana than the boston marathon.  It is an amazing event, with such history and pride associated with it. (Un)fortunately, it was a beautiful summer day on this particular April 16.  So off to watch we went.  We have gone in to watch the runners before but this year was special. We had a few close friends running it and they have been working so hard the past 6 months training and raising money for their team, Tedy's Team.  We ended up watching it in Framingham and had the perfect spot to watch all of the runners go by.  It was a little warm for marathon weather, but the perfect temp for a summer-time look.  Congrats Dan, Katie and Amy for a job well done!  

shirt- Walmart (i think)
skirt- Francesca's Collections
shoes- Payless

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