Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Why yes, those are pantyhose

As I get older, and wiser, more and more I find myself  understanding and agreeing with all of those things that my mother told me when I was younger. Eat your vegetables.  Bring a jacket.  Don't wash your hair everyday.  Wear pantyhose.  Or nylons.  I can't remember what she called them but I do know that my younger self would scoff at the idea.  Those were for older ladies. But now, as I find myself with less time in each day (for eh hem, shaving my legs) and working out, nylons have become my best friend.  I wear them nearly everyday, in lieu of socks under pants or like today, because let's be honest, my legs just look better with them.  So thanks mom, for all of your advice.  I may not have shown it, but I was listening and you were right.

pink top- swapped 
white blouse- F21
blue skirt- F21
shoes- swapped

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