Monday, March 12, 2012

Some purple pants

If you have been following me on twitter, then you have seen these awesome pants before.  They are purple.  They are velour.  And they are awesome.  I found them at Guess, a store that I hadn't been in since high school and at first I wasn't sure about them.  I had gone out looking specifically for work pants and I wasn't convinced that these would work as such.  I have worn them every week since I bought them so I guess they were worth the money.  I actually found them on clearance.  I believe that they were originally around $130, a little ridiculous if you ask me, but I got them for a whopping $30.  There were only a few pairs on clearance and luckily, my size was there.  I have worn them with a few different tops and to be honest, this is probably my least favorite combination so far but with our new longer days, I was able to get a few photos when I got home from work today.  So these will have to do.

white blouse- F21
cardigan- Target (clearance)
pants- Guess (clearance)
wedges- Payless


  1. I love those pants! Velour feels like sweatpants but looks like luxury. I think if I had purple velour pants I would wear them every other day.

  2. Very stylish and unique keep it up now I am picturing what i ma.going to wear for my birthday!!!


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