Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A little black and blue (plaid)

I bought this shirt a couple of seasons ago on clearance at the Gap.  It's one of those shirts that looks way better on than on the rack.  I was drawn to the plaid and the tie collar. Plaid just always works in my mind.  I wasn't entirely sure if it went with black pants but Damien insisted this morning that it did.  And he was right.  I am really liking this outfit and will definitely be repeating it in the future.  I was comfy all day long.

Tonight I put Max to bed and said "goodnight baby, I love you," as I always do.  Except this time, he said "goodnight baby, I love you" right back at me.  It came out more like "ganite beebee, i've you" but I knew exactly what he meant.  And I don't think it gets any better than that.

Please excuse the ridiculous amount of pictures that follows.  I just loved the look of them today, with the light and this old mill spot.

shirt- The Gap
black skinnies- Guess
nude heels- Payless

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