Monday, March 5, 2012

Nice S

Man it's cold out today.

I hosted a Naked Ladies Party a few Fridays ago.  It's just a fancy name for a clothing swap.  I had about 6 friends over and we had a ton of clothing to go through.  I ended up swapping this sweater, with myself.  I put it in the pile and when the only other person that could have worn it (eh hem, Stacy) didn't grab it, I ended up putting back into my pile.  I have had it forever and kind of love it.  But I haven't been wearing it so I tried to let it go.  It wasn't meant to be so here it is, with a dress that I have been getting some good wear out of.

(always trying to keep Max entertained, this time in the car)

sweater- I have no idea where I got it but if I had to guess I would say Marshalls (?)
dress- Gap
tights- Walmart
shoes-  hmmm, again, no clue.
belt- off of shirt from F21

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  1. Oh! It's got an S on it. I couldn't figure out why your friend Stacy would be the only other one that could wear it. Anyway, I love the sweater, and the cute windy photos.


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