Thursday, March 15, 2012

Those boots!

I have a big obsession with Friday Night Lights.  I was a latecomer to the show but my best friend told me about it.  I watched an episode.  Then a few more.  And the next thing I know I am buying a pair of $300 Frye cowboy boots.  Well, more like Damien was buying me a pair of $300 cowboy boots.  We don't normally do big gifts for one another but he wanted a gift certificate to go to motorcycle racing school and I wanted these boots and it's way more fun to spend a lot of money on one another than on yourself so that's what we did.  And I love these boots.  I think I told him that I would never take them off.  Problem is, I can't get them off.  Seriously.  When we bought them the saleslady told me that they come with plastic bags that you put your feet into so that you can slip the boots on.  But there is no such trick for getting them off.  If I wear them, I have to make sure that Damien will be home when I need to take them off or I am stuck in them until he or someone else comes along that is willing to spend a few minutes (not kidding) trying to pull them off of my feet.  So.... I am wrestling with what to do.  I have been told that the leather will soften and soon enough it won't be a problem.  But I feel kind of silly owning such an expensive pair of boots that I don't have the ability to put on and take off as I please.  I have considered contacting Frye and asking them what the deal is.  Any advice?

And how about this dress?  This was one of my late night/early morning post pregnancy purchases that upon arrival, I realized that my body would need a little time to fit into it.  I put it away, anxiously awaiting the day that I could wear it.  I love the pattern of stitching and the buttons.  I paired it with a white blouse, the same one that I wore here, and I think overall it's a nice look.  And the best part?  I can take it off all by myself.

white blouse- F21
school daze dress- Modcloth
boots- Frye
trench- Target
hoop earrings- F21


  1. I LOVE Friday Night Lights! My husband and I watched all of them on Netflix and I would do it again! I've even considered (kind of kidding) naming a future child Landry. Not because of the character but because I love the name. Who doesn't love good old Matty, too. I love that show. The boots are adorable!

  2. Real cowboy boots are always hard to remove. You can buy a boot jack!

  3. This fits you so awesomely! I LOVE the dress (& Friday Night maybe 1.5 seasons behind; need to finish it up!).

  4. dress is fab!! with the boots I would take them to your local shoe shop and get them stretched ... just tell them the problem and they should be able to fix it .... if not ... are you a size 7.5 or 8 .... heheh, love the boots!!

  5. Hilarious. Haha. Good thing I'm usually home.


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