Sunday, February 19, 2012

Maybe not

This is the second set of photos that we took of this outfit.  Damien and I have this habit of going out to take photos only then to realize it is high noon.  We tried, nonetheless, to take a few shots in front of a peeling Walmart wall, but weren't all that pleased with them.  A few hours later, we ended up re-shooting, this time in a cool spot in town where an old mill burned down 5 years ago.  We've taken photos there a few times in the past and they are pretty great.  I scratched the first set of photos.

I have been getting myself back into shape and am finding that many of my pants don't fit me well.  I took the opportunity to get myself some new work pants.  I ended up getting 2 pairs of black skinny pants, a pair of grey skinnies and a pair of plum velour skinnies.  I have enjoyed pairing them with all different looks for work.  This pair was super inexpensive at Marshalls and they are very comfortable.  Damien bought me the scarf for Valentine's Day.

And I am officially on February break!

blue sweater- Marshalls
lilac v-neck- Target
trench coat- Target
black skinnies- Marshalls
nude wedges- Payless 
scarf- gift from Damien

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