Saturday, February 18, 2012

A (shave and a) haircut

Damien and I had decided early on that we didn't want to give Max a haircut for as long as possible.  We both wanted him to have wild, crazy hair, long and wavy, you know, like a little surfer dude.  And then Max's hair started to grow, and grow, and grow and we soon realized that his hair was less and less like a little surfer dude and more and more like a little Tom Petty (not my ideal hair style, although I do love his music).  So we had a decision to make.  I had made mine long before Damien had.  Max needed his first haircut.  Really all we wanted cut was the back of his hair, eh hem, his mullet and the sides over his ears.  I could have done it myself but my friend and hairstylist said we could take him into the salon so we could  get some good pictures of the process.  It ended up being a pretty traumatic experience for Max (mostly because he fell asleep on the 25 minute ride over there) but now he has a handsome new do that still allows for his bed-head mohawk each morning.

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