Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Weekend threads

Nothing special, just an old t-shirt, favorite pair of jeans (with a busted zipper) and my mom's old boots.  If I am home, relaxing, I am usually dressed in some combination of these three items.  I love getting dressed up but there is nothing comfier than a 25 year old t-shirt.  Especially with the kind of weekend that we just had.  I have to say that we did not lose power or have any destruction to our home and I am grateful for that.  So many of my friends and colleagues are without power and somehow,  are still able to do it all.  I am in awe of them right now.  To my Quechee friends, you and your wonderful little town are in my thoughts.

 t-shirt- very old, my brother's I think
scarf- gift from Damien
boots-my mom's
umbrella- Target

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  1. my favorite! t-shirt and jeans but I am glad you listed where you got that umbrella. Though I will probably not get out and buy one it is awesome and I want one!


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