Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Max's first birthday party

Max turned one on Sunday.  A whole year has passed since he first came into this world.  So many changes, so many firsts, so much fun.  We had his party on Saturday since we had a wedding on Sunday. When we first started planning the party, there were a few things that I was sure of.  I knew I wanted it to be in our backyard.  I knew I wanted pinwheels, bright colored balloons and old-fashioned sodas.  I knew that I wanted it to resemble the kinds of birthday parties that my brothers and I had when we were younger.  And I knew I wanted to be surrounded by friends and family.  There were a few blips along the way.  Damien's mom was stuck in Ireland.  My dad couldn't make it until the next day and one of my brothers couldn't make it at all.  It was hot, humid and full of mosquitos but at the end of the night, I couldn't have asked for a better day.  Max was a champ, laughing and playing the entire time.  We got some very nice things, books, clothes, some wonderful toys and the memories of spending the day with our baby boy.  I will let the pictures tell the story of the day.


  1. what a cutie pie! love the mess he made of his birthday cupcake!


  2. wow, looks like my kind of party!! ton of fun!! what a cutie pie you have!


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