Sunday, August 28, 2011

Date night

Friday night was date night for the Gaudets.  My mom watched Max for us and we headed out to our favorite city, Worcester, uh hem.  Ok, maybe not our favorite city but we do have a soft spot for it.  We both went to colleges in Worcester and our first two apartments were also in the city.  We got married there and Max was born there.  So, it may not be our favorite city but it is certainly our most memory-filled one.

We had dinner at a small mexican restaurant, Tortilla Sams.  Our first date was there nearly 9 years ago.  We go back every year, on the night of our first date.  We had our rehearsal dinner there.  It is tiny and good and we just loving going back.  From there, we headed to our favorite bar, Ralph's Diner.  This is seriously the best bar around.  Great jukebox, decor and beer.  Not much more to ask for from a bar.  This is where we had our bachelor/bachelorette  party, a black and white party, 3 years ago.  In fact, I'd have to look back but I am quite certain that this date night was exactly 3 years from the night of our party.  We had a beer each and planned out our annual Halloween Party.  We want to do Classic Monster Mash.  I'm going to rock the 50 Foot Woman costume.  Can't wait to start making it!

From Ralph's we hit another favorite spot, The Dive Bar.  We shared a beer here and then decided to call it a night.  It was barely 9:30.  Our first date didn't even start until 10:30 since I was chaperoning a dance that night and Damien was working at a small independent theater, in Worcester!  We headed home to get Max.  It's always so nice to see him and hold him once I've been away from him for any period of time.  

School officially starts tomorrow with meetings all day.  It has been a wonderful summer, packed full of family and traveling and I am excited to head back to work.  Here are some outfit shots from date night.

*I have so many photos from Ireland to sort through.  I am going to be doing posts on our trip, some outfit shots and my thoughts on traveling with a baby (thanks so much to Melissa from Dear Baby for some great advice!!!)

scarf- old from my mom
dress- Ruche
belt- off another top from F21
boots- old from my mom
bracelets- gifts and ?

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