Thursday, July 14, 2011

A little secret

I have been wearing these boots for the past 6 months or so.  I wore them here and here and here, along with countless other times.  I mentioned that they were my mom's, so many years ago, when she used to dress up just as much as I do now.  That time has since passed but this pair of boots remains.  Well, not exactly.  Truth be told, these boots are two completely different sizes.  One's an 8 and one's a 10.  I wish I were kidding.  When I got them from my mom's house months ago, I took them home and put them on the next morning for work.  I found it odd that my right foot was slipping around a little while my left foot was quite snug.  Pre-pregnancy, I was always a 7.5 shoe size.  Now I am closer to an 8.  But a 10, never.  Unless it is this pair of boots.  I asked my mom what happened and she has no idea.  I thought maybe she and her sister each had a pair and the pairs got mixed up but she said that her sister's feet are even smaller than hers, no where close to a 10.  So it's a mystery and up until now, it's been my little secret.  It's quite evident in these pictures however that there is a difference in size.  See for yourselves...

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