Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Polka dots

When I bought this blouse, I knew the look that I was going for, even though I wasn't 100% what I would pair it with.  I recently got a pair of skinny red jeans that I had on earlier today but with the temperature quickly rising, I knew that I had to resort to either changing out of this blouse to don a dress, or finding a pair of shorts or a skirt to compliment it.  I opted for shorts again, although they do clearly have the same style as the last pair that I wore.  I must say that I like this style a lot.  They could pass for a skirt but are in fact, shorts.  This blouse is actually quite long and has some pockets towards the bottom, but I chose to tuck it in, otherwise it would have been far too long with these shorts.  I guess maybe I am a shorts girl after all.

I cannot believe that it is already over halfway through July.  Man, summer break always goes by so quickly.  Next week we are off to the beach for a week and then 2 more weeks and IRELAND!  It is coming so quickly and I haven't really had all that much time to think about traveling with a baby.  I know that it will be fine but it is just an added element that we have never had to worry about before.  Luckily it is an overnight flight and Max will actually have a bassinet seat so hopefully he/we will sleep.  I have already been putting together some outfit ideas in my head and am excited about the amazing backgrounds that come with an irish landscape.


  1. I really like the shorts. Very cute outfit!

  2. I really like the shorts as well. I am also a huge black and white with polka dots fan!

  3. I love this dot on dot action!!! I definitely remember seeing you at the swap, it was so much fun! I'm looking forward to the next one. Also looking forward to reading more and now I'm curious, what small town you are from. I'm out in Leominster.


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