Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mad Men Party

I did not wear this today.  In fact, I have not worn it yet and if you were to look at the back of it, the tags are still on the dress.  I found it the other day up at Marshalls and I hemmed and hawed about whether or not to buy it.  That is one of the big disadvantages of shopping alone.  I can't always tell if I love something in theory or on me.  I decided to get it, since it was under $20 and to save the receipt just in case.  I have a cocktail party to go to for some friends on Saturday night and it is Mad Men themed.  It is their Jack and Jill party and they love themed parties as much as I do.  I bought this dress with the idea that I would wear it there.  I wouldn't normally go with white for a cocktail party but seeing as though it is a theme party and it is a Mad Men theme party, I do think this dress works.  I won't be carrying such a large bag for the evening and I may have to bring some flats because I know there will be lots of dancing.  Unfortunately, Damien can't come with me.  He is photographing two weddings this weekend so I am flying solo.  Well, almost.  I will be going with one of my nearest and dearest friends.  And this is what I'll be wearing...

*The colors look different from picture to picture because these were taken close to 8:30pm... sometimes it's the only time we have to sneak outside and do my style shots!


  1. It looks great on you! What a fun idea to have a Mad Men themed party. You should take some pics and post them here! (hint hint, LOL)

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  2. I love the pearls with it, I think they fit perfectly!!

  3. First time visitor and I must say this is a fantastic dress; and will be perfect for your party and countless other summertime events.


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