Monday, February 14, 2011

On a Sunday morning sidewalk

Sunday we headed back out for some more photos.  Once again, the wind got the best of us, but not before we snapped a few cool shots.  It just so happens that this outfit also matched the locale that we chose.  I'm still sporting my mom's boots and I added this old fedora of mine mainly to keep my hair from blowing all over the place.  I like how it all came together.

brown fedora- F21
denim tunic- F21
brown blouse- Marshalls
brown nylons- Walmart
brown boots- my mom
belt- thrifted


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  2. Ok, disappointingly enough, my comment is not spam about taps, but I think that dress is an excellent shape for you and is very flattering.

  3. Love the denim tunic/dress... you are rocking this outfit! I admire anyone who can rock a fedora! Lovely! :)


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