Sunday, February 13, 2011

The windy city

I had no idea yesterday when we headed out to do our weekly photos just how windy it was.  In fact, the photoshoot was almost a bust.  The photos from outside were barely useable but we ended up finding a cool spot, a kind of alcove amongst some old factory buildings that protected us a bit from the wind, enough to take some decent photos.  I love the muted look of these; the background ended up matching what I was wearing perfectly.

When I was younger, I used to love wearing my mother's old clothing.  She was once quite a fashionista herself, although she'll never admit to it.  I'm not entirely sure what happened to most of her clothes.  I am sure between me growing up and moving out and just the natural progression of letting things go, many of them were given away.  Fortunately, this sweater and these boots were never purged.  I remembered them both the other night and sure enough, when I raided her cedar chest and closet, I found them both, still in nearly perfect condition.  I have been living in these boots ever since and am planning on wearing this sweater in some combination for Damien's and my anniversary/Valentine's day dinner.  We still celebrate the day we went on our first date.  Even though the day we got married was perfect, February 15, the night we first realized that we wanted to be in each other's lives forever, the night we shared our first kiss, will forever be our favorite night together.

knit hat- F21
tunnel scarf- gift
vintage sweater- my mom
taupe dress- F21
brown nylons- Target
boots- my mom


  1. I love the boots! I have been on a mad hunt for boots like that for months now!

    My fiance and I celebrate our first date, and I am sure we will still even after we get married.

  2. LOVE this whole look. I might try something similar soon.


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