Saturday, February 26, 2011

Notes on a wall

I don't think think that we could end up being as coordinated in our photo taking if we tried.  Today led us to an old mill a few towns over from where we live and oddly enough, these musical notes are just hanging there on the old brick wall, in a really majestic kind of way.  I am sure that they have some significance or purpose for being there, but today they were the background to our photos. I had picked up this blouse the other day in a spur of the moment shopping trip in between getting an inspection sticker for our new car (we are now completely a Volkswagen family- a sporty GTI which we have had for 3 years and a brand-spanking new TDI diesel and a hair appointment (more on that later, once I decide how I truly feel about the newly thickened bangs!)   I loved the built in tie with this blouse and I have been itching to find Damien's bag of bow ties so I can work them into an outfit soon.  Between the browns in my vintage boots and the faded brick wall and the stark lines of the black tie and the wrought iron of the music notes, I really do feel as if this location was custom made for us today.

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