Sunday, February 27, 2011

Late for the sky

What a day!  I will have a post up later this week all about it but Max started solids today.  We wanted to wait until Friday when he turns 6 months old but he was clearly ready so we made the plunge.  It was so fun to watch his reactions to the rice cereal and of course, he was more interested in trying to feed himself than letting us do it for him... but again, more on that later.

This dress is one of my favorites and I wore it back in August during our Mad Men Maternity shoot.  I found it awhile ago at the thrift store and I love everything about it.  Well, almost everything.  It has a very sheer skirt and I have to wear a slip underneath.  The one slip that I own is just a little too short for it and although it works, I want to find a new slip.  Today I decided to pair the dress with a skirt, which I wore over the dress.  I had bought this skirt a few years ago and it is a very small size, which certainly doesn't fit over my hips (especially these new momma hips).  But because the waist is so small, it fits me high on my waist, exactly the look I was going for.  Unfortunately, between the freezing weather and the fact that we have to time the pictures perfectly so Max doesn't wake up, we were a little rushed and the skirt had slipped down a tiny bit, revealing more of the dress than I would have liked.  And my necklace was a little off too, but I like the look overall and will definitely be repeating it in the future.

Well, it's back to work tomorrow.  February break is over.  Enjoy your week!

dress- thrifted
necklace- F21
belt- vintage (gift from friend)
black skirt- Target
black tights- Walmart
shoes- Marshalls


  1. That's a great color on you! And the polka dot shoes are adorable.

    Amber Lena
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  2. Great way to look wonderful!

  3. I found your blog on another blog list and I'm glad I did. Love the skirt over the dress idea. The green looks great with the black!


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