Sunday, January 16, 2011

Saturday's style

Damien and I continued our new weekend ritual of taking a drive, taking some pictures and just enjoying our time together with Max.  Saturday it was back to Providence and since it was so cold out and many of the roads were still not plowed really well, we went back to the spot we found last weekend and stayed there to take the photos.  After looking at them, I wish I had put on a second pair of tights for two reasons.  One, it was so, so cold out and the extra layer would have been nice, even for the few minutes we were taking these pictures.  And two, I wish the tights were more opaque looking in these photos.  I didn't realize just how see-through they were until I looked at the pictures.  Lesson learned.

I had ordered this dress from Ruche a few months back and I was a little disappointed with the length, mainly because it is hard for me to wear it to school.  I can certainly wear it with pants underneath, but as far as tights or even leggings go, it is just too short.  But for a weekend drive, I think it is ok.  I added a short sleeve turtleneck to winterize it.  I bought my first pair of Sperrys over winter break with some Christmas money (I am sure I had a pair when I was little, just not sure if they were the real deal).  I love the look of them and how comfortable they are.

knit hat- F21
blue turtleneck- Target
botanical beauty dress in olive- Ruche
blue tights- Walmart
Sperrys- Berks

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