Saturday, January 8, 2011

City living

The past two Saturdays, Damien, Max and I have headed out on an afternoon adventure which has involved coffee and a photoshoot, among other things.  Last week, we were in Worcester and then ended up driving out to Belchertown to check out one of our favorite spots to explore, the abandoned mental hospital (no exploring for us this time, don't worry!).  This week, it was Providence, with a quick stop at the Apple store and then some driving around the city, looking for cool spots to take my photos.  We ended up finding many cool spots, hence the absurd amount of pictures.  It just seemed that every turn we took led us to another awesome location.  We will certainly be back to do some more photoshoots in the future.

One thing that I have really been coming to grips with is that I cannot keep up with daily outfit posts on my blog right now.  I need to be focused on Max, Damien, work and everything else that is going on.  And I am ok with that.  Yes, I may try and sneak in a shoot here and there during the week, but I think if Damien and I keep up with our weekend treks, then I will be happy with an outfit post once or twice a week.  I always enjoy my posts so much more when I have quality photos to accompany my words and it goes without saying that the quality photos come from my talented husband.  Quality over quantity, right?  I hope many of you will continue to check smalltownchic for whatever posts I am able to put up.  I will continue to have Max posts and for anyone interested in posts dedicated solely to Max, I have set up a second blog so my family can follow along with his life without having to constantly see photos of me!  So whether you check my blog daily, weekly or just when the mood strikes you, I hope you continue to do so.  Thanks for reading.

taupe knit hat- F21
brown ruffle blouse- Marshalls
blue tank (underneath)- old
wool blazer- my grammy
mustard gloves- gift from my mom
red belt- old
brown skinny pants- Express
brown trooper boots- Steve Madden via Berks


  1. I love that hat. And the photos under the bridge thingies are awesome. :)


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