Saturday, January 8, 2011

Winter in New England

Yesterday was my first go at taking my own pictures using Damien's camera.  So I apologize ahead of time for the out-of-focusness of some of them.  It was cold out and I was determined to get some pictures.  I had the f-stop set too low (I really wanted to get the blurred background effect but instead ended up with some pictures with only the background in focus and I am blurry instead!) and since I was using a timer instead of a remote, the whole ordeal was taking way too long.  So it is what it is.  Any my outfit isn't too spectacular either, but this is supposed to be a blog about what I wear (almost) daily and sometimes I don't dress all that spectacularly.

One thing these photos do capture is how I usually look in the winter, outside.  I have many, many winter coats (and fall ones and spring ones).  I just love them.  It is kind of a joke with Damien and me when I come home with a new coat.  Sometimes I just try and sneak it into the closet, like he won't notice it when I wear it.  But this long black coat has been my staple winter coat for a few years now.  I picked it up at Target and really love it.  It fits well, is warm, and I love the faux fur around the hood.  I actually have my eyes on a new coat from LL Bean and my birthday is coming up....

turtleneck- F21
leopard print sweater- F21
jeans- H&M
boots- F21
black coat- Target
fingerless gloves- handmade by friend

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