Thursday, November 11, 2010

30 for 30-Day 4

Phew, already day 4.  Only 26 more days to go.  I have been really enjoying this challenge as it made me reassess what I have in my closet and since I can only wear those predetermined items, it makes me be more creative than I normally would be.  When I am getting dressed, I am also thinking "How can I wear this again, differently?" It's fun.  This dress was my wild card.  I had left it that I would choose my 4th dress, my 30th item, at a later date.  I was thinking I may go with the Freshia Floral Chambray Dress from Ruche that I wore last week but I was really wanting to wear this one, another newbie from Modcloth.  I love it.  I wasn't sure originally if I would be able to keep it, as it was a little tight but I think it works and I hope to continue to drop my pregnancy weight so it should fit better in the future.  The pattern is so beautiful and I love the little flair that the dress has to it.  I added the blue belt for a little more dramatic look and I think it works really well.  These grey tights are warm and I ended up switching my 30 for 30 choice of my grey booties to these grey boots.  While I love the booties, they aren't as practical as these boots, which I tend to wear a lot.  Since I didn't count jackets in my 30 items, I am able to choose from my array of moto jackets.  I like how the blue compliments the blue belt and the bright colors of the dress.  As you can tell from the last picture, it was a windy day and I was comfortable for the duration of it.

blue moto jacket- Marshalls
grey cardigan- F21
Hydrangea Dress- Modcloth
pink bracelets- free gift from Modcloth
blue belt- gift from Damien
grey tights- Walmart
grey boots- F21


  1. That's a beautiful dress, and I love how you belted it and paired it with those boots.

  2. that dress looks great on how you paired it with the tights and boots for the cooler weather.

  3. Such an amazing dress! I love how you paired it with the leather jacket-- totally modern.

  4. What a great dress! I love the biker jacket -- such an unexpected, fabulous combo. Thanks so much for your note the other day, and bravo to you for doing 30-for-30 as a brand new mom! Best of luck -- can't wait to see what you come up with!

  5. I'm so glad you kept the dress. Its fun and flirty, but still well fitted and looks great with that leather jacket! :]

  6. Aww, you look so cute! And from here, the dress fits great.


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