Wednesday, November 10, 2010

30 for 30-Day 3

One of the nicest things about my maternity leave, besides the obvious, has been not really having to worry about picking out something to wear everyday.  As ridiculous as it sounds, sometimes I find it really daunting to have to find something that I like to wear, is appropriate for work and is comfortable.  So these past 9.5 weeks, I haven't really had to worry.  So the other day, when I signed up for Kendi's 30 for 30 challenge, I knew it would be even more of a challenge, since I was also challenging myself to get dressed everyday.  I made sure to choose some comfy, easy items that I knew I wouldn't want to be without.  These trouser jeans were my savior during my pregnancy.  They are not maternity jeans but have a wider band at the top.  Since I never really got that big when I was pregnant, I was pretty much able to wear these til the end.  And now, post pregnancy, they are still my favorites.  This top I also bought while pregnant and I will be wearing it for a long, long time.  And who can go wrong with a hoodie.  I actually got this at Target in the men's section about a month ago.  I think I have worn it at some point in the day every day since then.  The one thing that I now realize that I am missing in my 30 items is a comfy pair of sneakers.  I would typically wear this outfit with one of my pairs of chucks, maybe white or blue.  But I don't want to cheat so oxfords it is.  How are your 30 for 30 challenges going?

headband- free gift from Modcloth
tunic- F21
green hoodie- Target
trouser jeans- old?
oxfords- Berks


  1. Love the cute headband! And that's awesome that you were still able to wear regular jeans during your pregnancy. I hope I can be as lucky when it's my turn, lol!


  2. Cute, comfy and fun- definitely a win!

  3. What a great transition outfit. We just moved to a small town where I have no job, but I'm coming from having an administrative job in a big city. It's hard for me to get out of yoga pant and t's and actually get dressed in the morning. That's why I wanted to take part in 30 for 30.

    Good luck!

  4. I love your shoes, and the headband looks great on you! I can never get a headband to stay when I try to wear it hippie style.


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