Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I made my first ever Modcloth purchase the other day.  A friend had sent me a gift certificate when I was pregnant with Max so that I could buy myself some post-pregnancy clothes (thanks Jill!).  I have never been an online shopper when it came to clothes.  I was always nervous that things wouldn't fit me right or I just wouldn't even know which size to buy.  Well, now that I have an infant and going clothes shopping is a bit harder, I have joined the wonderful world of online clothes shopping.  And it is great.  I ordered a bunch of dresses the other day, from Modcloth and Ruche.  I thought it was safe to start with dresses.  They can be a little bit more forgiving than say pants.  I got 3 in the mail yesterday.  Sadly, one of them just doesn't fit.  I can't decide if I should hold onto it since I still have some of my pregnancy weight to drop, or if I should just return it.  I do have to make an exchange on the other one, but that isn't a big deal.  And here is the 3rd.  It is called the Agarwood Dress and it is really pretty.  It came with the belt and it matched perfectly with my cowboy boots.  I had hoped to get some better pictures today but time got away from me so my front porch it was.

Speaking of pregnancy weight, I had my follow up doctor's appointment today.  Everything is great which means I have the ok to get back to the gym.  I am psyched.  Now I just have to find the time to go...

Oh, and Max has his next doctor's appointment tomorrow.  I am anxious and excited to see how he is progressing!

Agarwood dress- Modcloth $57.99
cowboy boots- Kohl's $3.99 (clearance)
pearls- gift from Damien
bracelet- gift from Damien's mom


  1. Hang on to the dress =) My son is almost 9 months and I am below pre-pregnancy weight finally. It takes a while, but you'll be surprised with yourself!


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