Monday, November 1, 2010

Mighty Max!

Max celebrated his first official holiday yesterday and lucky for him, it was also the best holiday.  After much debating, I returned the 2 options that I had bought for him and decided that a homemade costume was really the best choice.  This costume stemmed from a conversation that happened between me and a 5 year old girl named Clementine.  When we were out in Great Barrington, I had Max in this grey and blue striped onesie and his favorite owl hat.  A little girl wandered over to us and asked me his name.  I told her and she replied, "He looks really cute in that costume."  It wasn't a costume.  It was just how I dressed him.  Well, it got Damien and me thinking and we decided we should just turn it into a costume.  And so Mighty Max was born.  And I have a feeling you may see more of Mighty Max over the next few years.  He may just be an older version of himself each time that you do.

The costume itself simply involved his onesie, a pair of red socks, and a lot of foam board from Michael's.  It did also include the hat with a giant M on it but he wasn't feeling it.  We didn't trick or treat, just a few stops at our parents' and neighbor's houses.  No candy for Max either this year, although I have been enjoying a few pieces so I guess inadvertently Max is enjoying some too.

I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween.  I will be back later with pics from Max's 7th and 8th weeks. My time is going quickly...


  1. he looks great! awesome job with the costume! can't wait to also see pics from the party..i keep checking!


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