Saturday, October 23, 2010

Max's style 10.22.10

There was a bit of a glitch yesterday when I went to do Max's style pictures.  Mainly because I almost broke Damien's $2000 camera.  But, as he always does, Damien saved the day (and the camera) and I was able to get his photos done.  Laura and Shane gave us this outfit, since it didn't fit Jacob and they know how much we love stripes.  Damien's mom bought the hat; she couldn't resist the motorcycle!  And the socks... I can't say enough about the socks.  It is the only pair he wears right now.  Most of his outfits have feet as a part of them, but when he wears his union suits, we always use these socks.  They were a gift from my brother's girlfriend and we are anxiously awaiting some more!  The doll was a gift from a good friend at my shower.  It is handmade from a sock.  I thought Max and the doll were a perfect match!

hat- Old Navy (gift)
union suit- gift
socks- gift
handmade doll- gift
quilt- handmade (my mumma)


  1. It is so amazing to see pictures of Max and actually see you and Damien in him (especially because I don't see you guys nearly enough).

  2. ***Squeal***

    How freaking adorable is he?!? Absolutely ga-ga over the first picture especially!


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