Tuesday, August 24, 2010

House tour

So the nursery is officially done!  I am sure that we will be adding to it as we go, but we have all of the things in place that we need (minus a hamper) and I am so happy with how it came out.  Today we are 4 weeks away, 36 weeks!  I can hardly believe it.  I am going back to work on Monday which means summer is coming to an end, but I have had a great summer.  I have been busy but also able to relax when I needed to.  I was saying to Damien last night that I would love to plan to have our next baby around the same time (not anytime soon though) because even though it was hot, it really didn't bother me.  I have loved having these few months to get ready for Max to be here and I think it has really helped me keep my sanity. I am not sure I would feel as great if I were working full time through the entire 3rd trimester.  But who knows.  We didn't plan our first and I am thinking we may not plan our second.  Let's just see what happens.

I can honestly say that this whole experience has brought Damien and I so much closer.  I couldn't have imagined that we could get any closer, but then we spend nights laying around, his hand on my belly, watching our baby move around inside of me and I realize what we were missing.  I know you don't have to have a baby to be close to your partner, but I think the experience has been amazing for our relationship.  Now we can't wait for him to be here with us...

I am including pictures of our house.  Some are older pictures that I have posted before but I wanted to put them all together, more for me, to see what an wonderful home we have made for ourselves.  Hope you enjoy the house tour!
Front porch
Living room
Living room

Max's room

Max's room

Max's room (homemade art)

Sock doll

Dining room with Boon high chair (and kitty portraits!)

Dining room with Graco car seat

Dining room with pram


  1. I love the colors you chose and artwork you made for max's room! And that old fashioned pram is adorable!

  2. Your house is beautiful! You can tell so much time and effort was put into it. I hope someday my house will be as well put together as yours. Max is very lucky to have such an awesome nursery.

  3. Your house looks amazing!


  4. I love your lounge room. The gray, white and orange couch go so well together.



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