Sunday, August 22, 2010

Max's first concert (and second baby shower)

What a busy weekend!  As I had mentioned previously, I spent the day on Friday in Portland with my mom and brother.  It was a perfect day and we had a great visit.  Even though it is closer than Burlington, I was still wiped out from the drive when we got home and I was asleep early.  Saturday I ran some errands and sort of relaxed, gearing up for the late night out at the Tom Petty concert.  We met our friends at 4pm and the bus picked us up and we were on the road.  We got to the venue by 5 and tailgated until close to 8. Unfortunately we ended up missing My Morning Jacket, but I am not sure I would have made it through the entire concert had we gone in that early.  We had lawn seats, which really means no seats and so the night was spent standing.  Tom Petty was great but let me tell you, it is a much different experience being completely sober.  Damien and my friends did a great job protecting my belly from all of the drunks around us.  Not as easy as it sounds, so thanks guys!  Max did manage to spill the first of his daddy's beers, as I turned around into his $9 beer, forgetting that my belly is a bit bigger than it once was!

We got home way too late (1:45am) and had to get up way too early (8:00am) to prepare for baby shower number two.  But it was all worth it.  Even though it rained and we had to stay inside, it was such a nice day today.  There were about 12 of us, and we just talked, ate and enjoyed one another's company.  Max got a bunch of other great gifts and was pretty active most of the day, including another bout of hiccups that everyone got to feel (and see!)

Now we are just relaxing on the couch, listening to Max's playlist.  Damien is making dinner and the kitties are by our sides... A perfect end to a perfect weekend spent with family and friends...

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