Tuesday, July 13, 2010

30 weeks!

So I know that I skipped 29 weeks, but I do actually have pictures from last Tuesday, I just need to get them from Damien.  He has been so busy lately editing pictures from weddings, family portraits and senior portraits that we have kind of let those ones go for now.  But I will be picking the ones I want from him and posting them soon!  I also know that it has been a little while since my last post but so much has been going on here that I just haven't had time.  I also haven't really been getting dressed as I spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the basement, going through all of the things that we have stored down there for so long.  Oh yeah, the basement is DONE!!!!!  I will be posting pictures soon of it but let me just say, it's fantastic.  When our friend started working on it back in February, we weren't really expecting for it to happen so quickly.  All of the things that we have collected over the years but weren't really using were stored down there and they just kept getting moved around as he worked.  He built 3 closets, 2 giants ones and a smaller one, and by the time he was finished, all of those things had been stuffed into the closets.  We knew that the first thing we had to do once he was finished was to go through everything.  So that is what we did this weekend.  All weekend.  Sun-up to sun-down.  But as I told Damien, it is the first time in 8 years that I know exactly what we have and where it is.  And that is a great feeling.  I think the best part of the basement is Max's play area.  It is so freakin' cute, with tin-toys and all (more on those later).  We kept the same color scheme as the rest of the house, white, grey, and orange and added in an awesome blue couch for the sitting room part of the basement.  Those colors are going to be carried into Max's room as well, with black and white.  That is our next project, and it should be painted next week!!!  I can't wait.

Stay tuned for basement pics, hopefully in the next few days or so!!!

black/white sunglasses- Heritage 1981 $5
black/white sundress- Walmart $10
pink belt- old?
black sandals- Burlington Coat $10


  1. Saw the basement today after we ran. Looks awesome! Paige can't wait to play with Max down there! Hope to see you soon!

  2. You look so cute. I love your higher belting to accommodate your adorable baby belly!


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