Thursday, July 1, 2010

Trip to the hospital

I fell down the stairs today. I am fine and more importantly, Max is fine, but nonetheless I spent the afternoon at the hospital with a monitor on my belly and about 4 different nurses asking me what had happened. I honestly just slipped. I have been clearing out my closet, putting things like summer clothes that won't fit me until next summer and winter clothes that I won't need for awhile, into bins to be stored in the closets in our basement. I spent 6 hours or so organizing yesterday and today went out to get the necessary bins. When I got home, I marveled at how it was before noon and I had already made a lot of progress for the day. I was carrying a (small) bin down the stairs and I lost my footing and fell, onto my butt with my foot bent under me. It hurt but I was sure I was fine. I called Damien, then the doctor, then my mother, and then I cried. It is something about a mother's concern that always puts me back to being a little kid. I suppose maybe I will have that effect on Max someday. Anyways, the doctor told me it was up to me whether or not I came in to be checked out but said it may not be a bad idea. So off to the hospital I went with my mom and Damien met us there. I was there a few hours, and everything came back ok. That certainly put my mind at ease so it was worth the trip.

Today's pictures are just a few that I have had on my phone for awhile. I had to take my wedding and engagement rings off the other day as my hands were starting to swell. My friend waited too long and had to cut hers off. I actually have them back on today because the weather is so cool but I will take them off again tonight. I love my rings so much. Damien had them made for me, since he knew I didn't want a traditional ring that had a diamond setting that was raised off of my hand. He did such a great job. The rest of the pics in the photo booth series are some of Damien and I over the past few months.

PS Flickr has changed their website so if anyone knows how to upload pictures using the URL as I have always done in the past, please enlighten me.  I am extremely frustrated right now...


  1. I'm so glad that you and Max are okay!

  2. Glad you're ok! I put my car in the ditch at 7 months pregnant and spent a little time in the ER. I feel your fear!

  3. Hey there...I'm a newish follower and I just wanted to drop by and say hi.
    I'm glad you and your baby are ok! I fell when I was pregnant as well and we both turned out fine! Scary as hell though...

    Swing by my blog if you feel like it.


  4. I'm glad you're okay! It's a scary feeling... I'm just over 6 months pregnant with my little guy, Zayn. & I while we have no stairs in our place, I'm always afraid of falling in the shower. Oh, our gDiapers baby bundle came last week (aren't those the cutest diapers?!) xx

  5. i am glad you're okay. It's a relief. be careful next time :)

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    Lovely Curse
    and check out my second blog.

  6. It's amazing you resilient mommas and babies can be! And yes, I remember when the now routine questions a the doctor first started..."Is everything alright at home? Are you being threatened or do you feel unsafe?" WHAT? I can imagine them thinking that you "fell" down the stairs... Not every man is physically aggressive, people. Sometimes pregnant women are just unbalanced! :) Glad to see you're okay, mama.

  7. Glad to hear that you are okay. How scary for you all.

  8. sarah! oh em gee, that must have been so scary! it's way better to be safe than sorry. i can't even tell you how awesome a mom you're gonna be, as you are one of the most caring and thoughtful people i've ever met :)

    glad you and max are ok. my only question is - where was damien when you slipped? tsk tsk tsk ;)

  9. So glad you and Max are fine! How scary!

    As for Flickr, I'm frustrated, too. If you find a quick fix, let me know!

  10. I am co sorry but very glad that you are ok!
    Eat, Sleep, Denim <3


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