Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Baby registry

Boon high chair
Cevan diaper bag

Boon drying rack etc

Boon mobile

The last few weeks have been some of the busiest of my life. I spent last week at school until nearly 8pm each night finishing up my portfolio for my next teaching license. My present license runs out in December and with the baby on the way and the fact that I will be on maternity leave for 12 weeks next fall, I had to get this done this year. It was a lot of work but I passed in my first draft Monday morning. Now I just have to wait to find out what revisions I have to make and once I make those changes, I will submit it to the DOE. I cannot wait to be done with this.

And then Sunday, Damien and I started our baby registry. Man, what an experience that was. When we got to Babies 'R' Us, we were told that we should expect to register for 5 gifts per invited guest. Well, that would have put us at 400 items, and let me tell you, that was not happening. We were there for 3 hours and walked out with 30 items on our list. I do not want to register for things just because Babies 'R' Us is telling us we need them. One of the first things that I did was cross off over half of the items that they recommend. We picked out some things and then headed to Target. We just browsed there and decided to set up our registry online for there.

Monday, we headed back up to both stores and we added maybe 50 things total between the 2 stores. By Tuesday, I called in back up (thanks Stacy!!!) from a friend who had a baby 2 months ago. This went a little more smoothly, as she was able to point out things that I had no idea what they were and explained whether or not she used them. It was helpful and we concentrated on things that didn't require both Damien and my taste. I have already changed a bunch of stuff online but I feel like now I have a registry that really reflects my and Damien's style and one that isn't filled with things we don't need/want. Plus, we picked out the styles that we liked and used the Baby Bargain book to help us along. So here are a few of my favorite items from the registry. And, our high chair came in yesterday. I am in love.

Oh, and the shower invite. This is a rough draft so the info is not 100% correct but the layout is the same. Damien did such a great job on them...

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  1. baby registries are so fun to put together! We went with and added items from giggle and Etsy. Really cute stuff! Serena and Lilly is calling out to us as well! Sorry for the random comment - found your blog through a friend who loved your banner - so cute!

    p.s. have you checked out Heelarious? If you know the gender yet and it's a little girl, heelarious will get you cracking up. Fashionistas start out young! :)


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